[xml] more questions on catalogs

I'd like to thank everyone for the help so far on catalogs. I'm probably just about there in understanding but have come additional questions.

First seems to be bootstrapping. Somewhere I seem to recall seeing (but not at http://www.xmlsoft.org/catalog.html - if my recollection is correct that may be a good enhancement to that page) that the default place libxml2 will search for a catalog is /etc/xml/catalog. However, that does not seem to be created by default by libxml2 installation?

Using xmlcatalog to manipulate catalog files seems to depend on one knowing where the catalog files are in the first place.

It is possible for libxml2 to be built in such a way as to have the default catalog location elsewhere? If so, should xml2-config have a way to specify that location? I'm talking about at build time, not just if someone exports XML_CATALOG_FILES. I would like to avoid that environment variable if at all possible because I would like to launch something (netserver) from inetd without having to a great deal of environment setup.

It sure would be nice if one could use xmlcatalog without requiring explicit knowledge of where libxml2 will be looking for catalogs. I would like to be able to simply add my catalog entry to the system's catalog wherever that might already be.

rick jones
probably far enough along that balsa clue bats could replace the ones from nerf :)

not that I plan on using the catalog manipulation routines, but it might be nice if their mentions in the catalog.html file were hyperlinks to their descriptions.

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