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gtk-doc documentation
I've started to write more docs about how to use it. This work was blocked a little by a debate under which licence I should put the docs :(
I'll try to restart this work, so that the docs can be included soon.

doxygen vs. gtk-doc
doxygen is nice. however the big advantage of gtk-doc imho is the cross-referencing and the tool-support. There are several (gnome-) apps out there that use gtk doc and if libxml would use gtkdoc again, the references to the libxml doc would turn into links. With tool support I am talking about devhelp which is a browser for the docs that is quite convinient to use.

Of course the major advantage of gtk-doc is its gobject awareness that pays back, when you are using gobject ;)


On Monday 09 May 2005 16:43, Cory Nelson wrote:

How about doxygen?  I've used it in a number of projects, has always
been straightforward to use.

Yes, that's my experience too; it's great. It has the usual advantages; many people know it, it's maintained externally, popular, de-facto, etc.

Adding my humble opinion here:

One voice often heard in the XML community is that libxml2 is hard to use. And that's a pity because it's fast and standard complaint.

I think it would be /strategic/ to invest work in documentation, because it would reduce the number of questions on this list, and increase interopability by ensuring the software is used in the right way.

I'm not complaining or demanding it to be done. This is open source, I can provide a patch for what I want. My point is that I think it would save everyone time, including the libxml2 developers'.


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