Re: [xml] Windows Binaries And The Web

Bruce Miller wrote:
Getting even more OT...
Do you really need FTP?  I've been trying to ween away from it.
The speed advantage seems to have become minimal, and it's trickier to secure.
Our sysadmins insist on configuring the ftp server with reverse dns checks,
with the consequence that every couple of months (just long enough to forget the logic :>)
I get reports of people with flakey ISP setups not able to connect...

Off topic or not, here is the answer. :)

My former life without FTP was rewarded with a bill for the overtraffic. I beamed, thinking half of the world came to visit me. The HTTP logs have shaken me awake. I found that few idiots out there have nothing better to do than to download one and the same, unchanged file three times a second, in a massive parallelism, obviously automated. Tcpdump said, even firewalled out, they kept drumming before the gate for days. FTP was a lot easier to control that sort of traffic with, so I started offering the files through FTP only.

This is not an issue any longer, because my provider has recently raised the bandwidth and the all-inclusive traffic by tenfold. Now the idiots cannot cause overtraffic before I spot them and beautify my firewall rules with their addresses. But many honest people link to the FTP resources now.


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