Re: [xml] Windows Binaries And The Web

Rich Salz wrote:
Can you implement a tomcat filter that looks to see if someone is asking
for the "latest" version and if so send them an http redirect?

Nice suggestion! I like that idea.
The usual approach of foo-latest.tar.gz symlinks is annoying
in that you end up with tarballs in your filesystem whose versioning
info is embedded inside.  It adds steps to figure out whether it _is_
the latest, what version it is, what version is installed, etc.

The downside is that, unless the redirect is sufficiently smart,
you've got to change the redirect in a server config, rather than
changing symlinks or editting html...

Another alternative --- if the source of the original links is under
your control --- would be to simply provide a link to the _directory_
/pub/libxml, rather than the individual files, and let the user
collect up all the current ones.

bruce miller nist gov

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