Re: [xml] Windows Binaries And The Web

Igor Zlatkovic wrote:
Bruce Miller wrote:

Rich Salz wrote:

Can you implement a tomcat filter that looks to see if someone is asking
for the "latest" version and if so send them an http redirect?

Nice suggestion! I like that idea.
The usual approach of foo-latest.tar.gz symlinks is annoying
in that you end up with tarballs in your filesystem whose versioning
info is embedded inside.  It adds steps to figure out whether it _is_
the latest, what version it is, what version is installed, etc.

The downside is that, unless the redirect is sufficiently smart,
you've got to change the redirect in a server config, rather than
changing symlinks or editting html...

That wouldn't be a problem, I can program a filter specifically for this purpose. But, as I said, that won't cover FTP and FTP should work as well, possibly with the same URL, save for the scheme.

Getting even more OT...
Do you really need FTP?  I've been trying to ween away from it.
The speed advantage seems to have become minimal, and it's trickier to secure.
Our sysadmins insist on configuring the ftp server with reverse dns checks,
with the consequence that every couple of months (just long enough to forget the logic :>)
I get reports of people with flakey ISP setups not able to connect...

bruce miller nist gov

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