RE: [xml] libxml and iconv

My problem is that libiconv complains about not being able to find
libintl.h, but when I try to build libintl from source, it complains
about an invalid Makefile. Also, I cannot find a Makefile designed for
nmake, just a default Makefile. So I guess the problem really is; does
anyone have a makefile for nmake to build libintl with? I fixed the
curly brace problem with the makefile but now I get this error.

Makefile(75) : fatal error U1001: syntax error : illegal character '.'
in macro

This is line 75.

config.charset locale.alias ref-add.sin ref-del.sin $(HEADERS)

I don't see any illegal characters. Thanks for any help you may have in
helping me meet my ultimate goal of building libxml.


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On 4/20/05, Dobmeyer, Todd <tdobmeye ball com> wrote:

I am having problems trying to install libxml2-2.6.19. I cannot get
to build correctly. I am running Windows XP and trying to use nmake
from the
command line for these. Has anyone else had this problem, and if so
had any
luck getting it to work? Thanks for your help.

What problem! You say "Has anyone else had this problem..", but you
fail to tell us what the problem is. I compiled libiconv-1.9.1 for
Windows XP using the nmake makefiles a couple of months ago with out

Please state your problem.

Best regards,
Aron Stansvik
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