[xml] xsltproc can't find stylesheet

Hello dear list,

some time ago I developed a tool chain to transform DocBook documents into serveral formats under Unix. Now I try to port this tool chain to windows, but I have problems with xsltproc?

From a makefile, xsltproc is called this way:

printf "export XML_CATALOG_FILES=\"../../../../etc/lokalkatalog.xml e:/kmdir_adoc/etc/xmlkatalog.xml\"\n \
       xsltproc --nonet --novalid                      \
       --stringparam collect.xref.targets "only"       \
       --stringparam targets.filename "target-HTML_SPLIT.db"           \
       adoc://docbook/xsl/HtmlSplitArtikel.xsl artikel.xml" | sh

The resulting error message is:

../../../../xsl/docbook/HtmlArtikel.xsl:1: parser error : Document is empty

Under Unix xsltproc is able to load HtmlArtikel.xsl. Under Windows it isn't. Is it my fault or is it a xsltproc bug?


Oliver Fischer

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