Re: 'Re: "Re: [xml] schema patch"'

On Wed, Jun 09, 2004 at 11:02:27AM +0200, Kasimier Buchcik wrote:
  Hum, out of curiosity, how did you implement it ?
My take on this was that I would build a function to check if
an automata A was a subset of an automata B and then compare 
the compiled automata at the end of the Schemas compilation process.
I assume you used a different way

The implemented sections 4.1 - 4.2 (restriction) and 1.3 (extension) 
deal with attribute wildcards only - it's just a tiny piece of code. You 
refer to the validity of derivation of the content model; I'm really 
scared of this one ;-) Please take a look at [1].

  Sounds a lot like "Don't use W3C XML Schemas Structure" to me, which is
not something I would violently disagree with myself :-)
  Still automata subset checking is gonna be an interesting piece of code
if I ever get the time to do it...

  Also since you're the person pushing the most work in the Schemas code
those days, one of the future change will be support for streaming validation.
Just keep in the corner of your head that one day the code validation code
will have to be converted to handle a SAX2 event stream, and it's better
to not use the instance tree structure too much in the validation APIs
(that will be a major work anyway ...)


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