Re: [xml] Namespace normalization/reconciliation

On Fri, Jul 30, 2004 at 10:57:51AM +0100, Steve Hay wrote:
Petr Pajas wrote:
Maybe I'm wrong, but isn't C14N only a method of serializing a
document tree? If yes, then a function that would do the NS cleanup
directly on a live tree would still be very useful.

I agree.  In fact, I logged this as an enhancement request a while ago 
-- see

Hopefully, more people being interested in it will increase the chances 
of it getting done sometime.

  there is an 
          --nsclean : remove redundant namespace declarations
flag to xmllint, but it's actaully a parser option (XML_PARSE_NSCLEAN)
and there isn't really the same thing for tree. Usually those "cleanup"
operations are targetting parsing or serialization, but I understand
how they would also make sense for trees. It really isn't hard to implement
(2 functions needed to cope with entities references) but so far there
have been more urgent things to do than augmenting the API.

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