Re: [xml] Bug or User Error

Hi Ron, All,

Does anyone have a suggestion as to why I am getting an unhandled exception
on a doc=xmlParseFile(filename).

It is around the 6th time it runs in a program (Same every time), so I
suspect it is running out of stack space..  

I can assure you, that this usage pattern (multiple, even thousands of 
xmlParseFile) does work in many instances.

So you should investiage what may be different in your app. Give us info 
about your platform and the XML file parsed. Is parsing your 'typical' doc 
using about 1/6 of available heap space, so that failure on the 6th run 
correlates to 'no memory released? 

Also there are memory debug hooks, to check what's not getting released.

Peter Jacobi

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