Re: [xml] Strange xml:base/CWD problem

On Tue, Dec 21, 2004 at 11:07:32PM +0000, Frans Englich wrote:
On Sunday 19 December 2004 20:37, Daniel Veillard wrote:
Part of XInclude xml:base fixup. libxml2 will add the base attribute only
if necessary, i.e. if URI references mades from the document resulting from
the XInclude processing may get wrong. if everything is in the same
directory then those are not needed.

Ok, it is inevitable. From what I can tell, this means that in practice must 
_any_ XML format where its users may want to use XInclusions must add support 
for attributes from the xmlns ns(the lang attribute is need to, AFAICT). Is 
it just me who find that a major setback for XInclusions' usefulness? 

  Generating broken URI-References was considered a far more dramatic
problem. It affects the usefulness of the resulting instances instead
of the - easier to change - framework.

Afterall, the schema must be changed for the sole reason of supporting 

  It must be changed too if you want to validate the input documents too.
We are well aware of that, DocBook DTDs had to be changed.

I'm pondering, is it at all possible to make the implementation not break the 
validation? Not AFAICT, since the spec says to add the attributes to the 
result infoset, and that the validation must be done on the result info set, 
not the source info sets..

  Weakening the validation to avoid taking into account a different processing
model doesn't sounds the right approach to me. It also depends on the 
kind of validation you are expecting ...


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