[xml] Strange xml:base/CWD problem


I have a validation problem which is dependent on what the current working 
directory is. My documents/schemata are quite large, so perhaps someone has a 
clue what the problem could be before I start digging through, for finding 
the bug, or my mistake.
This is the output:

bash-2.05b$  xmllint --nonet --noout --schema  ../schemata/TestCollection.xsd  
--xinclude testCollection.xml
Unimplemented block at xmlschemas.c:5640
xmlValidness.xml:25: element testDescriptor: Schemas validity error : Element 
'testDescriptor': The attribute 'xml:base' is not allowed.
testCollection.xml fails to validate

bash-2.05b$ cd ..

bash-2.05b$  xmllint --nonet --noout --schema  schemata/TestCollection.xsd  
--xinclude data/testCollection.xml
Unimplemented block at xmlschemas.c:5640
data/testCollection.xml validates

XML_CATALOG_FILES points with an absolute path to a catalog, whose entries are 
resolved just fine.

testCollection uses several XInclusions, but not the files included. There's 
only one xml:base attribute, and that's in the testCollection's document 
element(not in any testDescriptor, as xmllint claims), and the xml prefix has 
its namespace declared("http://www.w3.org/XML/1998/namespace";).

Any ideas?



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