Re: [xml] build problem with libxslt-1.1.9 on mingw/win32

On 30/08/04 15:48, Stefan Kost wrote:
I don't get this working. It does not use the installed libxml2.

../libxslt-1.1.9/win32> cscript configure.js crypto='no' zlib='yes'
compiler='mingw' prefix='/opt' include='/opt/include/libxml2' lib='/opt/lib'

Those paths won't work. Use paths in Windows notation when you work with win32\configure.js. For example, '/opt' won't work, 'c:/opt' should work.

The Mingw support in win32 subdirectory has been made to work without MSYS and there were problems in the past when someone used MSYS or Cygwin. Try to use the Windows Command Prompt, not bash.

With MSYS or Cygwin, you should use the GNU Autoconf script, as if you were on Unix.


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