Re: [xml] build problem with libxslt-1.1.9 on mingw/win32

I have spend two more days,

at first there is a compatibillity issues in libxslt-1.1.9/libxslt/security.c
it calls mkdir(path,mode);
on win32 using mingw there is mkdir(path) only and this required to include
"io.h" and lining agains -lmsvcrt.

I now have dropped the -Wl,--add-stdcall-alias,--enable-stdcall-fixup' from
CFLAGS as this seems to make no change.
When I use --no-undefined I can get in to 'make'. The I have to uncomment the
'relink' command from the file. When I then do 'make install' I get
a libexslt.dll as well.
Still xsltproc is crashing.

I have ported several unix packages to mingw myself. All I always had to do, was
to get the includes and extras libs right. The approach in the win32 dir looks
different. Whats the reason for it? I looked at it, but was not be able to
understand how this should automatically find out which libaries are required
for linking.

Any insight is appreciated.


Stefan Kost wrote:
hi hi,

since a while I try to build my own xml/xslt lib on mingw. libxml2-2.6.11 works,
but libxslt cases probelms when linking. I like to get a shared build with dlls.

I am using these additinal setting for the compiler and linker
export CFLAGS='-mno-cygwin -mms-bitfields
export LDFLAGS="-export-dynamic -L/gnuwin32/lib -L/opt/lib -lwsock32 -lgw32c
-lole32 -luuid"

That is my configure line for libxslt
./configure '--prefix=/opt' '--host=mingw32' '--build=mingw32'
'--target=mingw32' '--enable-static' '--enable-shared' '--with-gnu-ld'

make runs fine. before running 'make install' I have to uncomment the relink
line from 'libexslt/'. When running 'make install' then I get errors
like :

xsltproc.o(.text+0x1c0d):xsltproc.c: undefined reference to
xsltproc.o(.text+0x1c14):xsltproc.c: undefined reference to
xsltproc.o(.text+0x1c54):xsltproc.c: undefined reference to
xsltproc.o(.text+0x1c5b):xsltproc.c: undefined reference to
xsltproc.o(.text+0x1c72):xsltproc.c: undefined reference to
xsltproc.o(.text+0x1c79):xsltproc.c: undefined reference to
xsltproc.o(.text+0x2571):xsltproc.c: undefined reference to `_imp__xsltMaxDepth'
../libexslt/.libs/libexslt.a(common.o)(.text+0xe8):common.c: undefined reference
to `_imp__xsltGenericError'
../libexslt/.libs/libexslt.a(common.o)(.text+0xf3):common.c: undefined reference
to `_imp__xsltGenericErrorContext'
../libexslt/.libs/libexslt.a(common.o)(.text+0x291):common.c: undefined
reference to `_imp__xsltGenericError'
../libexslt/.libs/libexslt.a(common.o)(.text+0x29b):common.c: undefined
reference to `_imp__xsltGenericErrorContext'
../libexslt/.libs/libexslt.a(math.o)(.text+0x13f):math.c: undefined reference to
../libexslt/.libs/libexslt.a(math.o)(.text+0x149):math.c: undefined reference to
../libexslt/.libs/libexslt.a(functions.o)(.text+0x49):functions.c: undefined
reference to `_imp__xsltGenericDebug'

... and so on. Wenn adding '-no-undefined' to the cflags make install works, but
the resulting xsltproc crashes when doing something beyond --help.
The problem seems to be already on the library level, as my own app (which runns
fine on solaris/linux crashes when e.g. loading a stylesheet on win32.
So I guess I need to get it to work without '-no-undefined' as this only irnores
the problem.
Any ideas?



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