Re: [xml] build problem with libxslt-1.1.9 on mingw/win32

On 26/08/04 15:47, Stefan Kost wrote:
I have spend two more days,

at first there is a compatibillity issues in libxslt-1.1.9/libxslt/security.c
it calls mkdir(path,mode);
on win32 using mingw there is mkdir(path) only and this required to include
"io.h" and lining agains -lmsvcrt.

Are you sure about this? Mingw and MSVC use the same runtime, the msvcrt. If Mingw has problems with a missing function, MSVC will have it too. But MSVC can compile libxslt.

I now have dropped the -Wl,--add-stdcall-alias,--enable-stdcall-fixup' from
CFLAGS as this seems to make no change.
When I use --no-undefined I can get in to 'make'. The I have to uncomment the
'relink' command from the file. When I then do 'make install' I get
a libexslt.dll as well.
Still xsltproc is crashing.

I have ported several unix packages to mingw myself. All I always had to do, was
to get the includes and extras libs right. The approach in the win32 dir looks
different. Whats the reason for it? I looked at it, but was not be able to
understand how this should automatically find out which libaries are required
for linking.

If you need more than -liconv and -lz then there is something wrong with your environment.

Other than that, go in the win32 subdirectory and run
  cscript configure.js help
for more info about the allready existing way to compile with Mingw.


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