Re: [xml] reporting bug for lixml2.2.6-8

Being pedantic, you're not allowed to do "ordering tests" on pointers
unless you are sure they are related.  At least not in ANSI/ISO C.

Could you possibly expand somewhat upon this?  Which particular part of the
spec prohibits what type of pointer compare?

I don't have a copy of the spec convenient, but you can look at K&R 2nd edition, for example.

Well, this approach is obviously unacceptable.  The whole purpose of the
dictionary routines is to provide a fast and efficient method of working with
strings, and a serial search does not fit within this criteria.

Yup. Life stinks sometimes. That is why I would make it a compile-time option.

I would be willing to put up a (reasonable) wager that changing that statement
    if ((str >= (xmlChar *)&pool->array) && (str <= pool->free))

You'd lose. The standard says that if "str" is not within the range of the pool, then the results of the above expression are *implementation defined.*

Now, it happens that on almost every machine you're likely to run across, the "implementation defined" behavior is "we'll do the right, and obvious, thing." But there is no guarantee. It would be nice if Insure had an option to ignore that complaint. Depending on how standards-compliant you want to be, it might be nice if someone patched in my idea.

Hope this helps.

Rich Salz, Chief Security Architect
DataPower Technology                 
XS40 XML Security Gateway
XML Security Overview

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