[xml] Iconv and zlib

Heya Folks,

My package uses iconv and zlib so it requires the GnuWin32 packages to be installed. Now that i also ported the bits that use libxml i need to instal both iconv and zlib twice ...

I just downloaded the sources and build them against the GnuWin32 pakages. The only changes i needed to make to account for the different filenames used in the standard packages were in the Makefile in libxml2-2.6.8\win32 (for a MSVC build that is):

@@ -66,10 +66,10 @@
 LIBS = $(LIBS) wsock32.lib
 !if "$(WITH_ICONV)" == "1"
-LIBS = $(LIBS) iconv.lib
+LIBS = $(LIBS) libiconv.lib
 !if "$(WITH_ZLIB)" == "1"
-LIBS = $(LIBS) zlib.lib
+LIBS = $(LIBS) libz.lib
 !if "$(WITH_THREADS)" == "posix"
 LIBS = $(LIBS) pthreadVC.lib

Is there a special reason to distribute custom iconv and zlib builds with the libxml package for windows? If not, could the package be changed to use the standard iconv and zlib packages from GnuWin32 instead?



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