[xml] Need help extracting parts of XML doc while parsing


Below is a snippet of some of code I am writing to parse a SOAP/XML document.  I currently ignore unknown 
elements (those I don't care about) and their respective XML subtrees.  Instead of ignoring these unknown 
elements' subtrees,  I would like to store each one in a C++ string or C character array.  Is there a way to 
do this?  I'm envisioning an API like:

string unknown_element = string(xmlTextReaderRead_subtree(reader));

where xmlTextReaderRead_subtree(reader)returns an xmlChar pointer to the segment of the XML document that 
would comprize the subtree of the current element.

eg, if the <detail> element in my SOAP Fault message looks like

<detail> blah, blah, blah, ... </detail>

then after invoking the API xmlTextReaderRead_subtree(), my string unknown_element, should contain the 
characters "blah, blah, blah, ... ".

Any help would be appreciated.

while (ret == 1)                                                        
    type = processNode(reader, &halt);                                  
    if ( halt != 0 )                                                    
        break;          // major problem                               
    if ( type == UNSUPPORTED )  // skip entire subtree for this element 
        ret = xmlTextReaderNext(reader);                                
        ret = xmlTextReaderRead(reader);                                


M. Jones

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