RE: [xml] Linker problem for static lib for win32

Well I've had this same warning with VC 6 for years (probably literally)
and it hasn't caused any problems so I've simply ignored it.  Check how
xmlFree is declared but I can attest to things performing as intended
even with the warning.  I also get the error on xmlMalloc (probably
xmlRealloc too but I don't use that in my code).

Good answer, huh!?

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Subject: [xml] Linker problem for static lib for win32

Hi all,

I've created win32 build of libxml2-2.5.11 for VS.NET
myself. The only problem, I'm expriencing constantly
is linker's warning, seemingly harmless one

CommonFileManager1.obj : warning LNK4049: locally
defined symbol _xmlFree imported

Does anybody know how to work it around?

WBR Oleg V. Zhilin   ovz yahoo com

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