Re: [xml] running libxml in kernel space (fwd)

On Thu, 13 Nov 2003, Peter Jacobi wrote:
Hi Gregor (nice to meet you here), All,
such a small world :)

(1) Isn't your exercise futile? Isn't Reiser FS designed to handle
zillions of little files, so that you can explode all the information
you want to put in one XML file in a directory hierarchy instead?
yes. But my intention is to create an xml database, and reiserfs seems to
be a suitable platform. And it's a fact that people are using xml files.
Since the page layout is optimized for xml, I hope that it will be faster
than reiserfs directories and files. If that turns out to be wrong I will
trash my implementation and make an import utility for reiserfs instead.

And use only a transformation to provide a 'XML-View' of this?
If this turn out to be faster and still sopports all the queries I want,
thats approprate. I was planning on proving a diretory view of the xml
file instead.

BTW: Have you read the 'Attributes - Schmattributes' paper?
now I have. It basically says you don't need XML at all in a proposed
perfect world. Well, would this mailing list exist then?

(2) What about a ASN.1 BER (subset) parser, can generate 
a XML compatible Pseudo DOM.
I only need a SAX parser.

Gregor Zeitlinger
gregor zeitlinger de

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