Re: [xml] xmlWriter?

It's not quite an emergency, since the app is only an hobby project, I can
stall it ^-^
And can code around it for the time being too.
I'm just making up my mind which xml lib I should use, and libxml looks very
good but seemed to
miss (for me) this feature :)

2-3 weeks timeframe 'd sound fine to me :)
If you do intend to implement this give a peep and I'll be happy to give a
hand if I can :)

I'd give it a try by myself, but I lack enough time for that, and I'm not
really that good enough to offer a 'neat' implementation
that would be worthwhile of reusing by others (which is bad for others, and
also for me, cause things that get reused get tested and improved too ;)

Hope that answers you enough :)
    Jeroen C.

Hi, thanks for the answer - in the meantime I have seen your link. what is
your emergency for this? I would be interested in giving a hand for this
(simple?) indeed interesting generalization but in 2-3 weeks timeframe.

let me know

 > > I am note sure to understand the reference to sax interface (what is
 > > meaning of sax for writing xml) and I am not familiar with msxml
 > > - but there is missing the more important information:
 > >
 > > for both methods what is the non dom input structure you have in
 > >
 > > Jean
 > Sax defines a push api/interface, on one side the parser pushes xml
content to
 > you, and on the other side you stick handlers for the content.
 > You can also use the sax api from the other side tho, you push xml
content you
 > want to have serialized , and on the other side there's a
 > library/implementation that handles the content by writing it out to
 > somewhere.
 > This has been done in other places before, look at apache cocoon
 > for example, that thing uses sax for everything and anything :)
 > Personally I'd rather have an xmlWriter interface tho, in the name of
 > consistency. Cause there already is the xmlReader interface :)

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