[xml] xmlWriter?

Greetings :)

I'm looking at using libxml2 in an application of mine because of the
xmlreder interface (an xml pull parser), which I want to use because dom is
rather memory consumptive, and sax doesn't quite fit my needs and is rather
tedious to write parsers in.

The only problem I have now is that libxml2 only seems to support writing
files from dom tree's ?
which holds the same problem that dom is rather memory consuptive. I'd like
to use a sax interface, or something like the msxml counterpart to the
xmlreader, the xmlwriter. Is there any support in libxml2 to let me do this?
any ideas on how to work around this problem if there isn't ?
Anyone feels like spending some time on implementing this ? ;)

many thanks for any replies in advance,
    Jeroen Cranendonk.

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