Re: [xml] xmlWriter?

Subject: Re: [xml] xmlWriter?

The only problem I have now is that libxml2 only seems to support
files from dom tree's ?

  Hum, right,
Ok, that's one question answered, thanks ^.^

I'd like
to use a sax interface, or something like the msxml counterpart to the
xmlreader, the xmlwriter. Is there any support in libxml2 to let me do
any ideas on how to work around this problem if there isn't ?

  There is no support for the xmlWriter APIs, do you have a pointer
to a document describing the API ? This would definitely help getting
an implementation, I assume it's part of the C# API which went through
the ECMA standard track, right ?
That's what I assume :)

I found the thing by following the link on the libxml2 xmlreader info page
(, that points to the c# interface at
( ),
which I followed up one node to ( ),
and then to ( )

That last link does have a document describing the api :)

Anyone feels like spending some time on implementing this ? ;)

  Well, I'm trapped in other development work, this sounds like a
relatively easy to roll standalone module. It can probably be developped
outside of libxml2 code tree and once ready be plugged in (after some
review of course ;-)
I'm fairly busy too, and I'd definatly need a lot of reviewing ;) but might
be interesting to
give it a go if noone else will :)


Jeroen :)

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