Re: [xml] debugging outputbuffer code in libxml


It is one byte. The code writes one byte too much and the buffer
probably is big enough, because the kernel kindly allocates more memory
than requested, a thing related to the memory manager optimisation.

  Well, libxml2 + libxslt is now over 150,000 lines of code, I
can't "remember" everything. If someone pinpoint a bug and someone
else can
reproduce it ... well the fix should probably go in.

Okay, then I'll do the regression test tomorrow and commit if it passes.


So what's the status of this fix? I am just curious since I have it
working fine locally on my development machine, and I haven't seen any
e-mails as to whether this was fixed/committed or not.

P.S. Thanks.

G.F. aka Gena01

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