Re: [xml] standard dtd?!

On Wed, Jul 30, 2003 at 06:21:25PM +0200, Tobias Reif wrote:
I have an XML catalog, and thus would like to set XML_CATALOG_FILES 
instead of SGML_CATALOG_FILES. What I currently have is the only thing 
that works, but is obviously incorrect, so I'd like to change it. That's 
the reason of my posts. But setting XML_CATALOG_FILES doesn't work. (not 
sure if the error is on my side or not)

  I really don't see why libxml2 would pick the SGML catalog variable
instead of the XML one.

As you suspected there are many fundamental misunderstandings regarding 
my intentions and the probhlem I want to solve.

  yes, my mistake, still I can't understand why this is acting in this
baroque ways.  I just see Stephane post and this migh explain this
misbehaviour, are you using --catalog option:

        --catalogs : use SGML catalogs from $SGML_CATALOG_FILES
                     otherwise XML Catalogs starting from
                     file:///etc/xml/catalog are activated by default

  This would match the behaviour you're describing... I think it's clear
from thte description of the option that if used the $XML_CATALOG_FILES
will not be used.


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