Re: [xml] standard dtd?!

Daniel Veillard wrote:

  Hum, the default loacation for the catalog on Windows is a bit unclear to
me, I'm in a position to make a serious recommendation (and back it up in code)
for Unix/Linux, but for Windows, I don't know. From what I can remember
from a decenny ago it seems to me that "C:\XML\CATALOG" might be a good

If it's /etc/xml/catalog (file:///etc/xml/catalog) on Linux, then for Windows I suggest the same /etc/xml/catalog (file:///etc/xml/catalog) (which looks something like \etc\xml\catalog on Windows).

But my question is a different one:

but I refuses to make such a decision.
Currently the place is
#define XML_XML_DEFAULT_CATALOG "file:///etc/xml/catalog"
independantly of the platform.

On Windows in a .bat file I have
  set SGML_CATALOG_FILES=/etc/xml/catalog
since this works.

If I remove that line, I get

  Variable $SGML_CATALOG_FILES not set
I'd be happy if xmllint would look for /etc/xml/catalog so that I don't have to specify this variable.

But when the catalog would be somewhere else I'd have to provide the path to it.
If I change the line to any of
  set XML_CATALOG_FILES=/etc/xml/catalog
  set XML_CATALOG_FILES=file:///etc/xml/catalog
  set XML_CATALOG_FILES="file:///etc/xml/catalog"
I also get
  Variable $SGML_CATALOG_FILES not set
  set XML_CATALOG_FILES=/etc/xml/catalog

In my local files and in my howto
I'd like to change
  set SGML_CATALOG_FILES=/etc/xml/catalog
  set XML_CATALOG_FILES=/etc/xml/catalog
since what I have is an XML catalog, starting with
  <?xml version="1.0"?>



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