Re: [xml] Re: python interfaces for libxml2

Daniel Veillard wrote:
  I reread that code, and I don't see why you would use such a _private
field. The xmlRelaxNGValidCtxt is a private structure, its content is not
exported outside of that module and I have no intent to make it public. So
tell me more about why you need such a field there ...

I can register an error handler for each xmlRelaxNGValidCtxt I create. When I
register the handler, I provide a pointer to some user data, but when I
free the context, I can't determine the pointer to my custom data from this
context directly, but have to use a list with a context <-> custom data mapping.

This is a lot better (in my opinion) with the context-specific error handlers
of xmlParserCtxt. When you register an error handler with custom data there,
you can store a pointer to the data in the "_private" field of the context,
so it's no problem to free this data when the context gets freed.

I hope this is clearer now...

Joachim Bauch

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