[xml] Re: python interfaces for libxml2

Hello Daniel,

Daniel Veillard wrote:
>- The Python interfaces have no method of setting the error/warning >callbacks

  well there is, but I't a global one (i.e. not limited to the parser
context) I think it's just a limitation of the bindings, the capability
exists natively. I would take a patch for this.

Yes, I known about this callback, but I need one that depends on the
current RelaxNG validation context. When I'm done with my code, I'll send
you the patch.

>Are you planning to support private data in the RelaxNG structures in
> >future versions?

  sounds not a problem. But please post the request publicly on the list,

So here is the repost:

You can't store private data in the xmlRelaxNGValidCtxt structure (like in the
xmlParserCtxt: "_private"), which would be very usefull to free private callback
data when freeing the context.


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