Re: [xml] Re: python interfaces for libxml2

On Fri, Jul 18, 2003 at 03:41:46PM +0200, Joachim Bauch wrote:
Hello Daniel,

Daniel Veillard wrote:
- The Python interfaces have no method of setting the error/warning 

  well there is, but I't a global one (i.e. not limited to the parser
context) I think it's just a limitation of the bindings, the capability
exists natively. I would take a patch for this.

Yes, I known about this callback, but I need one that depends on the
current RelaxNG validation context. When I'm done with my code, I'll send
you the patch.


Are you planning to support private data in the RelaxNG structures in
 > >future versions?

  sounds not a problem. But please post the request publicly on the list,

So here is the repost:

You can't store private data in the xmlRelaxNGValidCtxt structure (like in the
xmlParserCtxt: "_private"), which would be very usefull to free private callback
data when freeing the context.

  I reread that code, and I don't see why you would use such a _private
field. The xmlRelaxNGValidCtxt is a private structure, its content is not
exported outside of that module and I have no intent to make it public. So
tell me more about why you need such a field there ...


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