Re: [xml] Header taint

I figured you use vim, tabstop=8, softtabstop=4, shiftwidth=4, and I do
using the same editor and the same settings. Hope that will work well.
Perhaps it would be a good idea to put these vim settings in a comment
the beginning, or near the end of each file. Vim will pick them up
automagically and thus spare those with different defaults from

  I have put my .vimrc as
(you can note some old Turbo Pascal 3 keybindings), but yes the key is
that I use sw=4 ,

Thanks for the vimrc. You think it acceptable to put a
  * vim:ts=8:sts=4:sw=4:
Somewhere in each source file? This won't hurt anyone and will help those
(like me :-) who use different defaults in those vim variables. Need not
happen now, of course, but if it is okay, I would add this to each file I
just happen to be editing. At some point in the future, all files will have
it, I hope.


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