Re: [xml] Header taint

Ah, you're quite right. I can see the changes if I look through Bonsai,
not through anonymous CVS.

Incientally, I've recently been having trouble accessing the anonymous CVS
archives. I get the following message:

unrecognized auth response from cvs pserver: cannot
/cvs/gnome/CVSROOT/config: I/O error

Any clues as to what might be going on?

No idea.

I see 3 different definitions; the one you get depends on the settings of
IN_LIBXML and LIBXML_STATIC. The only one currently with 'extern' is the
you get when neither IN_LIBXML nor LIBXML_STATIC is defined (normally that
occurs when building a client application which links to the DLL library).
But I found I also needed 'extern' in the other 2 definitions, used when
building the libraries (both DLL and static).

Okay, commited in libxml, libxslt and libexslt. Thanks!


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