Re: [xml] hexBinary update

On Fri, Aug 08, 2003 at 12:44:39AM -0500, Charles Bozeman wrote:
Here is a new patch. I ran
this version of the patch using and ended up
with no hexBinary failures and no leaks. I've also updated and included
my hexBinary tests.

  yeah looks quite better :-)
  Thanks, applied, I also updated the tests

BTW I think there are some problems with the base decimal type; it is
only parsed into the lo value so hi and mi are always zero. I can fix it

  hum, really, strange I though I had tested this ...

later but one question I have is what should we do on overflow condition
(> 24 digits)? If a decimal string longer than 24 digits is processed,

  Well the overflow would be a problem only if asking for a value, otherwise
it's purely a syntactic checking.

it may still be valid but we can't use the values in facet validation. I
figure there are three choices: 1) print a warning and continue on. 2)
return an error and possibly print a warning. 3) or set an overflow flag
so that if the value is used later we can flag a warning.

  Hum, if ask for a value we should probably raise an error, and return
NULL, then the application level can decide. But maybe it's too strong,
3) sounds possible too,


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