Re: [xml] help required in libxml parser

More and more companies are enforcing disclaimers such as this one on
outgoing mail and it is just the question of time until some moron
posts confidential info and possibly causes damage to her company. In
to avoid any possibility of legal dispute, I would suggest that a
similar to the above be put on the website. Me and others
link to that mailing list should explicitly state that the rules must be
read and agreed to before posting anything. What do you think?

  That may be a bit hard to enforce, I would rather avoid post support for
docs, but a warning in the generated "bugs.html" pages should be an easy

No, I didn't mean to enforce it. The public forum as this one is not an
legal body, such as a private person or a company is. There is no party one
can agree with about anything, so there is no need for any kind of

What I meant is just a warning, precisely in bugs.html, which people are
kindly asked to read before posting things. They are then, if they want to
read, informed about the fact that they are sending the information out for
the whole world to consume and that they cannot enforce any restrictions on
the treatment of that information.

If then someone really posts sensitive things, he or she will be clearly
solely responsible for anything that happens. He or She is warned and the
warning was at least as obvious as the email address used for posting.

Basically, noone here is obligated to follow such disclaimer, for noone has
signed it. We are not even obligated to read it. A warning such as proposed
is in no event our duty, but would be a courtesy which would break the neck
of every lawyer who would eventually try to challenge someone for false
treatment of confidential data that appears in the forum.

The law in every European country expects a minimal amount of sane reason
from everyone. Everyone is responsible for keeping her sensitivities secure.
If you freely publish your secrets to an unknown amount of people and
someone uses them to your disadvantage, then you god what you asked for.

However, our American friends have it different. The jury rules, not the
judge, and they, representing 'the will of the people', may forgive any
amount of stupidity. If a good lawyer can have the jury believe that the
poster didn't know what she was doing, for example she  thought only Daniel
who has reputation enough to be considered safe would read her message, then
someone else could end up charged for the damage done by mistreatment of the
posted information. The forum moderator could also be obliged to monitor
each posting before it goes online. However, Daniel must not fear, I want to
hope that his location keeps him far from the ruling of an American jury :-)

Anyway, lets put a warning online. It represents just few sentences more on
a page loaded with information and keeps the trouble away, no matter how
small the chance it really happens.


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