[xml] RFC: mingw autoconf && config.h vs. win32config.h


I have modified the configure.in so that certain DEFINE's are included
in config.h, specifically:

case ${host} in 
                AC_DEFINE([WINSOCKAPI],1,[Define this if compiling for a Windows System that uses the Windows 
Socket API])
                AC_DEFINE([snprintf],[_snprintf],[Windows mangled C function])
                AC_DEFINE([vsnprintf],[_vsnprintf],[Windows mangled C function])
                AC_DEFINE([HAVE_WIN32_THREADS],1,[Define this if you want to use Windows native thread 

This and modifying libxml.h slightly, to use config.h and not
win32config.h, allowed most of the c sources to compile into object
code. But when it hit nanohttp.c, there were many errors.

So, at this point, I'w wondering if I should forget about
win32config.h and modify nanohttp.c directly, adding something like:

#ifdef WIN32
#include <winsock2.h>

I'd like to submit the patches to Daniel provided if and when the
whole is modified enough so as to build on a mingw system with

So, now I am wondering, what are other's opinion on this? Is
win32config.h very important? And should I continue down this path or
should I just modify win32config.h with other DEFINE's (although I am
very fond of supporting configure for mingw systems).

Thank you,


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