[xml] xmlOutputEncoding

Hi everyone,

I just hit upon a little problem with xml-output stuff. It appears that
if you use xmlFindCharEncodingHandler() to retrieve a handler for
"UTF-8" to be used for outputting a Document (parsed with libxslt, if it
matters, to html) I get an error from xmlCharEncOutFunc() telling me
that there is no output function. This is as far as I can see due to
line 1582 of encoding.c in the libxml (I looked at a recent cvs
snapshot) This is the function xmlInitCharEncodingHandlers() which calls
This seems logical since UTF-8 is the internal data format used, but it
creates this problem on outputting.
Since I don't know which output encoding will be used (determined by
stylesheet) I can't really treat UTF-8 distinctly, and I think I
shouldn't have to either.
Is this a bug? If yes, is the solution of provideing a do nothing
converter UTF8ToUTF8 and hooking it in here sensible, or what else might
be more suitable for solving this.
If it's not a bug, what am I doing wrong?

Thanks for you help,

TTY Philipp

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