Re: [xml] RFC: mingw autoconf && config.h vs. win32config.h

Hi there,

Elizabeth Barham wrote:
[...] This and modifying libxml.h slightly, to use config.h and not
win32config.h, allowed most of the c sources to compile into object
code. But when it hit nanohttp.c, there were many errors.

Strange, I succeeded to compile everything without source modifications, but solely through the modification of win32/Makefile.mingw. Unfortunately, mingw linker, when called as ld, does not know where mingw is installed and fails to find some core libraries, such as C-runtime. Specifying the installation path with -L helps, but is far from a general solution.

My next try would be to call the linker as gcc, or try the dlltool, but all that was for fun and not for any real need, so I'll accept the accusation I didn't push it far enough :-)

So, at this point, I'w wondering if I should forget about
win32config.h and modify nanohttp.c directly, adding something like:

#ifdef WIN32
#include <winsock2.h>

Nooooo, preventing that sort of mess in a source file is precisely the reason for the existence of win32config.h. Besides, these winsock definitions are allready in win32config.h.

I'd like to submit the patches to Daniel provided if and when the
whole is modified enough so as to build on a mingw system with

Ah, your environment is somewhat different to mine. I have mingw, but no Cygwin and no MSYS. That means, I cannot execute a Korn/Bourne shell script. GNU autoconf/automake does not fit well in such environment. The attempt described above was rather an integration into the JScript-based configuration, as found underneath ./win32.

So, now I am wondering, what are other's opinion on this? Is
win32config.h very important? And should I continue down this path or
should I just modify win32config.h with other DEFINE's (although I am
very fond of supporting configure for mingw systems).

Well, you must know what fits your environment best. Win32config.h is very important for compilation with the Microsoft's compiler. You can basically put everything you want in win32config.h, as long it does not break other things.

I would suggest, simply do what you think is best and post the patches. Feedback on these will then come by itself.


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