Re: [xml] EISDIR is unknown to win32

Hi there,

xmlCheckFilename() in xmlIO.c was changed recently to use EISDIR, but that
is undefined on Win32.  Simple solution is to use the value 21 instead of
EISDIR or define EISDIR somewhere win32 specific.

Strange, I don't get a compilation error and indeed, EISDIR is #defined as
21 by Microsoft in their errno.h:

  C:\> find "EISDIR" \opt\ddk\inc\crt\*.h
  ---------- \OPT\DDK\INC\CRT\ERRNO.H
  #define EISDIR          21


Can you check again? If this is really the case on your machine, then we
must #define this in xmlio.c. Defining it in include\win32config.h brings
multiple definition errors on my machine, because this file is included
before errno.h.


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