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Daniel Veillard kirjutas K, 30.10.2002 kell 15:54:
On Wed, Oct 30, 2002 at 02:42:20PM +0100, Peter Jacobi wrote:
Hi Daniel,

  I am doomed to answer on my free time to users who just don't want
  to spend the time to read the documentation ??? 

Perhaps the "welcome" message to the mailing list should contain the UTF-8 

  Honnestly, I don't know how to get people to behave in a less
egoist fashion. Everybody wants its question answered now and
without having the hassles of looking for the answers or reading
what's available. I'm afraid of having valuable contributors be
burnt out by this, I'm afraid of getting burnt out myself. Should
I hide the address of the list (or make it available only at the
end of a search query answer) ?
  I honnestly don't know what to do.

Perhaps adding everything that is asked more than once to FAQ would help

Q: I have an XML document and I add some nodes with text in iso-8859-1
encoding, but I get en error when trying to save this document using
iso-8859-1 encoding.

A: All internal text is kept in utf-8 encoding, sou you have to convert
your text to utf-8 befor adding it to DOM tree. It will be then
converted to whatever format you want when you save it.

The two mail received today were both complete FAQ,

I just checked, and the FAQ at did _not_ have an answer
for the iso-8859-1 question - a search for "UTF" gave nothing and search
for "encoding" gave irrelevant answer (about iconv support).

It was quite quite hard to find out the answer even after going to
"Encoding support" doc.

covered in the recent weeks, the XPath
question is actually simply due to the fact that people don't even
try to understand the XPath specification because libxml2 behaviour
directly derives from the spec normative text.

  That's simply depressing :-(

Spec's normative texts are usually not an easy read ;(

One will only _really_ understand them when one has to implement them,
for all other purposes just trying and guessing and asking around is
usually the faster way.

(just another thing to get depressed about ;)


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