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I'm one of those aforementioned lurkers....

I'd suggest looking up "default character encoding" or "character encoding"
or something of that sort to find out what the actual default character set
is that you must use in libxml2., and how to do appropriate conversions,

spinmar interfree it () on 10/30/2002 09:14:54 AM

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Well maybe it's useful to give some explanations.
I read your page ( and all the
documentation: well the page doesn't give any useful information. I hav=
used your search engine with the keys "iso-8859 problem" but in the ans=
there is only one example which is wong.
I know that you are a very busy man and then you have no time to answer=
everybody and write some more useful documentation, but you should reme=
that we are busy too, and if a person does a question is not because he=

hasn' spent time to read the documentation (everybody have read it) but=

because he has a problem he can't solve and maybe he needs help.
In the tomcat user list I spend some hours a day to answer questions
(.......often the same questions) but people need help and then I give =
I think the mail list is based on people who help each other.

Salve, il messaggio che hai ricevuto
=E8 stato inviato per mezzo del sistema
di web mail interfree. Se anche tu vuoi
una casella di posta free visita il
Ti aspettiamo!

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