[xml] Mingw Lives

Hi there,

In oder to end the problem at least where I can, I have now integrated mingw
into the JScript-based build.

The JScript configure accepts a new option "compiler" which can be either
"msvc" or "mingw". The default is "msvc". So, the MSVC user would do a

  C:\> cscript configure.js [...]
  C:\> nmake

to build libxml and friends. Mingw user would do a

  C:\> cscript configure.js compiler=mingw [...]
  C:\> make

and end up with the same result (shared library, static library, xmllint and
test tools). The whole process does not require MSYS or any other posix

Note that configuration with compiler=mingw requires GNU make afterwards,
where configuration with compiler=msvc requires Microsoft NMAKE. This is
normal, as the users of the one compiler do not necessarily have the make
tool that belongs to the other.

Modification requires changes to win32/Makefile.mingw, which is now very
similar to win32/Makefile.msvc. I hope that's okay with you, Elisabeth?

I'll commit this later today. If everything goes well, libxslt will get the


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