[xml] xmlNodeListGetString question


I have a question about xmlNodeListGetString. This function is used to get the content of a node and it 
returns a xmlChar*. Well if  i parse a latin1 xml, the content is latin ( and then with èòàù....): I suppose 
taht when I take the content of an element, libxml2 turn it into utf8. 
So if I have to add this content in another latin1 file (I'm building a latin1 xml taking informations from 
different sources), I haven't to convert this content with isolat1ToUTF8 before adding it: is it true? Can I 
do immediatly xmlNewChild(......, content)?
At the end I'll trasform the content into a char* with xmlDocDumpMemoryEnc with ISO-8859-1 encoding and use 
it with xalan.
Do you see it any problems?




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