Re: [xml] compiling libxml v2.4.26 with mingw under win2k

martyn 2 russell bt com writes:

Ok.  Now that I am using CYGWIN with MINGW as the compiler with -mno-cygwin
it seems to configure fine and compile fine up to one point, the nanohttp
part of the library.  The output is as follows, any ideas?

I didn't use cygwin for the build and the general idea was to *not*
use cygwin. There is a cygwin patch out there, somewhere, though.

Also, if I am not mistaken, are these not LINUX calls to socket functions.
Do these functions not exist under cygwin? or msys? If not, can I avoid
using nanohttp?

Win32's socket implementation is based on Berkeley Sockets.

Plus - thanks Elizabeth for your input, this compilation has been
done with version 2.4.25-special which you sent me the link to.

Try the build under MSYS (but *not* the install; you'll need to copy
them manually for the time being).


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