Re: [xml] compiling libxml v2.4.26 with mingw under win2k

Ok.  Now that I am using CYGWIN with MINGW as the compiler
with -mno-cygwin
it seems to configure fine and compile fine up to one point, the nanohttp
part of the library.  The output is as follows, any ideas?

winsock.h has not been included. See how it is included in win32config.h and
try to do the same somewhere, say in libxml.h for the beginning, just to see
if that's the way.

Also, if I am not mistaken, are these not LINUX calls to socket functions.
Do these functions not exist under cygwin? or msys? If not, can I avoid
using nanohttp?

No, these are windows socket calls. You can also disable http and ftp when
running configure.


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