Re: [xml] two small patches for libxml2

Daniel Veillard <veillard redhat com> writes:

XSH - XML Editing Shell (
The ultimate command-line XML editing and browsing tool.

  BTW the simplest way to test xmlGetNodePath() is to use xmllint --shell
cd in the tree and use pwd to get the node path, yet another command line
XML (and HTML) browsing tool :-)


sure I don't deny xsh was partially inspired by xmllint --shell :-)
but still it extends the idea much further, I hope. While cd and pwd
are in xsh too, there are also cp, mv, add, foreach, multiple
documents etc. On the other hand, xmllint is everywhere where libxml2
is, so when it is sufficient, there's no need to install another tool.

Anyway, thanks for applying the patches.

-- Petr

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