[xml] two small patches for libxml2

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Daniel, (All),

1. I've found that xpath evaluation in libxml2 behaves differently on
CData section nodes if I search all text nodes with //text() or just
one of them with //text()[4] (the first of these queries taking CData
section into account while the second not). The attached simple patch
for xpath.c fixes this.

2. I very much like the xmlGetNodePath function. I'm using Matt's and
Christian's XML::LibXML Perl bindings and had this written in Perl
which was a bit slow on large documents. Now, when Christian added
bindings for xmlGetNodePath to XML::LibXML I can use your C
implementation. It, however, only computes paths for element and
attribute nodes. The attached patch against tree.c adds implementation
for other types of nodes (PI, text, comments). (I only copied and
slightly modifed the code that you wrote for elements and
attributes). It also does a small speedup and fix on element nodes
by replacing the original

while (tmp != NULL) {
       if (xmlStrEqual(cur->name, tmp->name))
                    tmp = tmp->next;
                if (occur != 0)
                    occur = 1;


while (tmp != NULL && occur == 0) {
                   // ^^^^^^^^^^^^ (a)
                    if ((tmp->type == XML_ELEMENT_NODE) &&
                   //   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ (b)
                        (xmlStrEqual(cur->name, tmp->name)))
                    tmp = tmp->next;
                if (occur != 0)
                    occur = 1;

(a) there is no need to go through all siblings if we only check that
there is some 
(b) i guess there might be other nodes (like PI) with the same name,
so we should check the node type too.

I'd be glad if you could review the patches and apply them.

Thanks for your great library,

-- Petr Pajas

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