RE: [xml] Release of libxml2-2.4.19

Igor, the above mentioned error messages came from compiling
with thread support disabled, when only dummy functions are
generated. I assume there is a flaw in the #ifdef logic which
prevents correct generation of dummy functions, when threads
support is disabled, _WIN32 is defined and _MSC_VER is
not defined.

...and I was looking and looking and wondering where the in Gods name is the problem, to discover that I was 
reading between wrong preprocessor lines :-) 

Sorry for not being more specific. I will look again into this.

Peter, you were as specific as any man could only be. It is my fault. I have reread your post from yesterday 
and it seems I read much too fast, either naturally, or as a consequence of the caffeine overdose I yesterday 
suffered earlier than usual. You clearly wrote you had the threads disabled, yet I have failed to notice it. 
Please accept my appologies.


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