[xml] New FAQ suggestion - how to create a patch...

Could I make a suggestion for a new FAQ, please?

What are the procedures for creating a patch?

I've made a couple of diff files comparing my modified files to the original
files (using "diff -c" in cygwin).
Are these good enough (the output looks similar to patches you've sent out
previously), or do I need to go through CVS (i.e. make the changes in there
and create a diff file)?
If the latter, do I need an account to check files out in CVS?

Changes so far:
I've added two new functions to trionan.c to check / set the sign of a
(VC++6 doesn't like double a=-0.0 as Bjorn suggested, so I put a function in
to set it).
I've also made the mods to the XPath math functions so they return -0 in the
correct places, and does floating point mods.
As a temporary fix, I've modified xmlXPatherror so that it doesn't report
the filename / line number

Still to do:
Improve the error messages in XPath
Work out why some NaN comparisons fail.
Produce a more comprehensive test file / expected results file


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