RE: [xml] Release of libxml2-2.4.19

Hello Peter, All,

Have you seen the _MAC and MACPORT #defines in the headers? I 
assume there at least was some Mac version. Not to forget
_PPC_, _MIPS_ and _ALPHA_ from ye olde times of portable NT.

Oh yes, I forgot that MS has Office for Macintosh. Still, I haven't seen the switch on the compiler which 
turns on support for MacOS targets. Perhaps there is another compiler, unseen by the common folk yet :-)

The rest above are processors and do not influence _WIN32 being defined or not. For example, (looking in the 
docs quickly), _M_IX86 is Intel, _M_MPPC denotes a Power Macintosh, _M_MRX000 stands for MIPS. _WIN32 is 
always defined, no matter if you compile for MIPS, Alpha, PPC or SPARC (hehe). 

Perhaps I should clean up the source and have it check
only for _WIN32 thoroughly.

Fully agree. Most WIN32 compilers agree to #define _WIN32.

Okay, I'll do this.


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