Re: [xml] Canonical XML Implementation

I will take care of it. I'm still wondering about keeping some semi-public
entry points for those..

Thanks a lot! C14N applied to the whole document or to the part of it specified using XPath expression (nodes set). I do not think that there is a need for a special function "C14N for a node" or something because you can do the same using XPath expression. I put these functions in a separate header file only because there is a recursion (xmlC14NProcessNode() calls xmlC14NProcessNodesList() and vice versa) so I have to declare at least one of them
somewhere (I declared both for symmetry :) ).

Okay I see. some automated regression testing are needed anyway.
The test program I have can be used in the same way as existing testHTML, testXPath, etc. It already have exactly the same functionality as required. The only thing is that the file needs to be renamed to testC14N.c to follow libxml2 standards :) There is also a shell script that does testing (xmlc14n/test/ It could be called from Makefile to execute all tests (it is slightly different from libxml2 way to put shell code in the Makefile).

I was
also wondering if a function doing the attribute completion from DTD defaulting
would be useful in case the tree wasn't parsed with the expected flags.
Can probably be postponed a bit.

Yes. I also thought about such function. There are really 2 tasks: substitute all entity references and add all default attributes. It's a good idea to have such functions but
as you said this can wait a bit.


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