Re: [xml] A newbee, some developer questions.

Hoi Peter,

Op Fri, 28 Jun 2002 14:53:23 +0200
schreef "Peter Jacobi" <pj walter-graphtek com>:

Hi Wilbert,

Some little notes on your issue, I'm sure everybody has an opinion

I certainly hope that some people would express their views, I'm not
that experienced:-)

A) Is your data really best modeled by the the libxml2 node tree?
In almost all applications I did, I decided to have a competely
other data structure for my application which is translated from and
to XML in a separate step.

First I was thinking about using libxml's or expat's SAX interface (and
using c++ and fltk btw.)

But I want to create a www-like XML format+DTD for music (borrowing
from MusicXML and MusiXML, but with some nice ideas) that should
eventually be usable to display in a browser like SVG or MathML, with
a scriptable DOM.

So just to exercise for that, I would like to try to use the libxml2
to hold the document while editing, so that in fact all interaction
occurs through some sort of DOM. (Also I plan to support style tags
and stylesheets like XHTML, for scaling, coloring etc.)

B) There is one void* per node for applications use, which you have
to use if you don't want to change libxml2 itself.

Ah, the *_private! I thought it was used by libxml2 internally.

Thanks for help and sharing your views,

Wilbert Berendsen (

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